Tuesday, April 3, 2012

139- RUPCO keeps violating

Last week, my neighbor took this photo from in front of her house, next to my house, on Evergreen Lane. Why is this a violation? Because trucks are permitted to use Playhouse Lane ONLY, not the surrounding streets. Not Evergreen Lane, not Birch Lane. Does RUPCO care? Nah. Does town of Woodstock care? Nah. It's just a truck, right? What's the big deal? What's wit a few bent rules...

Thing is, the streets that this truck is on in this photo, Birch Lane and Evergreen Lane, were not even drawn in to RUPCO's traffic analysis.  According to RUPCO, Birch Lane and Evergreen Lane do not even exist, so therefore it's not really a violation... right?

When you let sleazy people define reality for you, you are asking for trouble.

By the way, congratulations to RUPCO for putting that foundation in backwards and then firing the building foreman, or whatever the details were. I guess SOME things really do need to stick to plan, eh boys?

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  1. The town's gone to the dogs-and Rupco is the symbol of it all.