Sunday, February 12, 2012

138- RUPCO Works on Sunday

In clear violation of any permit in its despicable hands, RUPCO is today, Sunday, at work on its housing project, with heavy equipment.  Permits specify work hours are 7 to 7, Monday to Friday and sometimes Saturday, but never on Sunday.  RUPCO even worked Thanksgiving day.  Fine, that was a Thursday.  But today is Sunday, and they are not allowed to work.  It's just one more violation.

Also, generators run all night long, which wake me up.  I did not know where this deep vibration was coming from, but a neighbor who lives closer says that RUPCO runs generators all night long.  I am woken up by these vibrations, which seem to me to constitute construction noise, but I am sure that if I said anything about it, RUPCO or Town of Woodstock would find a loophole to justify this 24/7 disturbance.  In addition, they have flashing lights all night, which also disturb other neighbors, but do not disturb me.

Town of Woodstock is guilty of lack of enforcement, of this and quite a few other violations.

Not that any of this is at all surprising.

Just a point of information, for the record. For the future.  For the benefit of others......

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  1. As a person who was born and raised in this town, I can tell you it was once great. It was a self sustaining village-with one frame shop-a news shop-a grocer-shoemaker-baker-a soda fountain-a great doctor-artists-ballerinas-craftsmen-farmers-and all met and got along. It began to fall apart in 1971-drugs were rampant-and a new, faux liberal type moved in. the town was a petri dish for the corruption-and here we are. Robin, you remind me of are one of the "old timers"-the great people-even though you're not old. Thanks for your courage and wit. i hope you publish a book- the destruction of a town that was fair and interesting for a large part of the 20th century.